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Stakooor Info

The Stakooor is a mixed-custodial solution to staking for collections on Solana. What this means is we mix the pros of custodial staking (you hand over your NFT) with the pros of non-custodial (you keep the NFT in your wallet), and we leave out the cons of both.

Traditional custodial staking is great for keeping listings down, but it comes with some considerable disadvantages: firstly transaction times - to stake you need to physically transfer your NFTs to a holding wallet, and to unstake you need to transfer them back. This can be near-on impossible in times of network latency, and not to mention many custodial staking solutions require you to approve an individual transaction for every single NFT - not great for whales! Another disadvantage of custodial staking is keeping track of what you have staked, and where. If you own multiple of NFTs spread across many wallets (some people have hundreds even thousands), you're bound to forget things you may have staked, and it's tricky to try and work out how to find your NFTs and get them back.

And now the disadvantages of non-custodial staking: the traditional approach of non-custodial staking relies on taking periodic snapshots and assigning tokens to wallets containing NFTs, either by airdrops, or by a claim interface (see our Claimooor). This approach takes away the deliberate action of "staking", as everything delisted is assumed staked by default, it also means that people can list without penalty, and still claim any accrued tokens they have already been assigned. Another disadvantage to holders is tokens are only assigned when the snapshot runs, so they will need to wait until it has run before they can claim.

So what is the Stakooor?

he Stakooor is a database and snapshot driven solution. Holders choose the NFTs they want to stake, and sign a message using their wallet (this is instant and doesn't rely on Solana network speed), and that's it, they are staked! There is a counter which increases in realtime and therefore holders can claim whenever they want, they don't need to wait for a daily snapshot to run.

In the background the tool takes a snapshot every 30 mins and uses a nifty algorithm to automatically unstake any NFTs found to be listed (and removes any unclaimed tokens for these), so if you list a staked NFT, your unclaimed tokens are gone forever. The tool also picks up movement between wallets and reassigns staked NFTs to the new owner - this means you can move your staked NFTs between your wallets, and they remained staked, any unclaimed tokens are claimable by the new wallet. This can also be a nice surprise if you acquire a staked NFT through a peer-to-peer trade, and realise you have a nice amount of tokens to claim!

There will still be some collections who prefer people to physically hand over their NFT, and that's ok, we're not trying to take over the whole market. We aim to offer an innovative solution which keeps listings down, while keeping holders happy as they get to keep ownership of their precious NFTs throughout the entire staking duration. But the one thing that cannot be overlooked or denied:

This is SUPER fast.

Stake, unstake, stake all, unstake all - all in the time it takes to make a call to an API and update a database record.

Game changer?
We think so!

Stakooor Pricing*


per Month

Staking service for shorter period and lower budget.Paid upfront. Minimum 3 month term for initial payment


1 Year

Yearly plan for long term projects. Paid upfront



Set it and forget it plan. Paid upfront

Stakooor Claim Fees


in Xin Dragons NFTs

If you don’t hold any Xin Dragons NFTs, the holders of your NFTs will be required to pay 0.02 SOL for every claim


in Xin Dragons NFTs

For 20 SOL equivalent of Xin Dragons NFTs the holders of your NFTs will have to pay 0.01 SOL for every claim


in Xin Dragons NFTs

A 35 SOL holding in Xin Dragons will enable your holders to pay a lower transaction fee of 0.005 SOL per claim


in Xin Dragons NFTs

Whales who hold 50 SOL+ in Xin Dragons will ensure freeeee claims for their holders

* Included in the above price is normal emission staking with X token per NFT per day, if you want to add custom multipliers, or anything fancy, we can discuss and quote based on development time
** These two are more advanced stakooors and price decided on application dependant on level of complexity

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