Frequently Asked Questions

Is staking my NFT safe on this website?

Yes, we stake by collecting the metadata of the collection into our database so that we run our algorithms in the background to give you an accurate accumulation of tokens based on the NFTs in your possession.

What is non-custodial staking?

Non-custodial staking in short, is staking without sending the NFT out of your wallet. More information can be found here

How do I stake?

To stake, you must first sign a contract on the staking with your Phantom wallet to initiate it into our database. After this you can select the NFTs to stake or simply click "Stake All" to allow them to accrue tokens.

How do I claim my tokens?

After you have staked your NFTs, you will see a token "Balance", you can claim these at any time by clicking on the "Claim" button

Why does my claim keep failing even after waiting 3 minutes for the previous TXN to be dropped?

There may be multiple reasons as to why this occurs but it may happen because; SOLANA TPS speed; Clicking the claim button too many times; TXN getting frozen or stuck. The staking system retries sending the TXN for 3 minutes, and if it fails within this time, you can try again. If this problem persists, please contact your project's team to forward your wallet address to the staking provider.

Why did I get charged x SOL for claiming?

There is a small fee paid per claiming instance so if you want to be mindful of how much you are spending to claim, a general rule of thumb here is to claim when you need the tokens.

Why did my $TOKEN disappear after I listed an NFT? If you list an NFT, the token balance will be set to 0?

Please claim your tokens before you decide to list, as the snapshot will detect that the NFTs are missing or moved from your wallet which will cause this change.

Can I transfer my NFT between wallets?

Of course you can! Just be sure to claim your token balance first before moving the NFTs. Our snapshotting system also allows you to transfer your NFTs over without claiming, however claiming your tokens first is the easiest way to avoid any issues in case a snapshot runs and detects it as a listing event.

Can I use a ledger?

Yes! We recommend everyone in this space to get a hardware wallet, but if you wanted to stake with a ledger, please turn on the "Using Ledger?" option and then proceed to use the staking as you would.

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